Health, environment and safety related activities:
Of natural gas as an environmentally friendly fuel. Economic development and environmental conservation has been an important natural gas in the country. Natural gas is safe to use since it is an important issue for health system management and maintenance of the personnel involved in safety and security establishments, including the company's gas pipeline network and station design and environmental activities carries considerable importance. Health, environment and safety, the following measures have been taken.
The government announced that the rate determined in accordance with the medical allowance is provided to all officers and employees. The company's medical staff and dependents medical services provided. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital, according to the contract with the company at the company's employees and their dependents' department, inter-department and emergency medical service is. In addition, the company assigned by the hospital services are provided in 18 categories.
Natural gas air emission of carbon dioxide / carbon monoxide than two times the level of weight loss as a result of increased warming baisyayika enormous impact on the environment. Considering the direction and prevent system operation and maintenance of waste gases into the air, the amount of gas emissions are kept to a minimum. Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Project implementation activities of the harmful impact on the environment, the focus of environmental protection rules are being followed yathayathababe. Determining the route of the gas pipeline, houses, trees, mosques, temples, cemeteries, etc., to avoid damage to the minimum possible, attention is being given. The company's own infrastructure is in place, beautification of the planting of trees and planted the plants regularly to attend. All the gas stations that are to be collected condensate, condensate collection and transportation of all-out effort to ensure that does not happen to any spileja are taking. Adorenta charge when the wind is to make sure that it does not emit.
Bangladesh's natural gas pipeline safety regulations and environmental regulations are strictly followed in all areas of construction and system management on the importance of ensuring security is provided. From its inception, the company has been bhabeparicalita hitherto undisturbed pipeline system. Gas leakage occurs in the middle of the old system was repaired immediately. To ensure uninterrupted operation of transmission and distribution pipelines in the pipeline right-of-way to any type of construction, gas leakages, and other agencies in the development pipeline for the regular patrol, there was no damage. Leakage of gas and condensate potential of the gas infrastructure required preventive maintenance activities during regular observations are received and processed. The establishment and operation of pipeline systems karosana nibaranakalpe CP CP stations visited monthly basis and every three months piesapi Taking readings, analysis and monitoring is. Fire extinguishing equipment (carbon-dioxide / dry gas powder) to be used in accordance with the set. In violation of the principles of natural gas to a customer by other activities, including the illegal transfer of raijara GD correspond to the accident, including the chief inspector of explosives department was notified. In order to avoid accidents to increase customer awareness of the gas at various times through the print and electronic media advertising is notified. System management is no faults or accidents that happen every year, 1 million of the company's initiative and Petro overall supervision of the activities carried out auditing of the company's most important is the safety of the station. Related branch of the company in accordance with the annual program of monthly station Safety Inspection is auditing.