If you cannot view Bengali in your Computer or device, Please follow the instructions that are given below.

Installing Bengali Fonts

If you don’t have Bengali Unicode font, download the font by the following link:

Step 1: Download SolaimanLipi from here now!

Step 2: Go to "C:\windows\fonts" or "control panel\fonts"

Step 3: Paste the font

Step 4: Done

Browser Configurations

Instructions for browser configuration is below:


Mozilla Firefox (Latest)

Step 1: From menu click on "Tools" and select "Options".

Step 2: From this window click on "Content".

Step 3: Click on "Advanced" button.

Step 4: Click on the drop down list for option "Fonts for" select "Bengali" from this list.

Step 5: Complete all the option fields by selecting "SolaimanLipi" or any other Bangla font.

Step 6: Select "Default Character Encoding" as "Unicode (UTF-8)" and click Ok.

Step 7: Click Ok again to complete your setup.


Internet Explorer

Step 1: From menu, go to "Tools>Internet Options".

Step 2: From this window click on "Fonts".

Step 3: Click on the drop down list for "Language Scripts" and select "Bengali" from this drop down list.

Step 4: Select any desired Bengali font (e.g. SolaimanLipi) for "Web Page Font".

Step 5: Then click OK and OK again.

Google Chrome



The browser interface language is used for browser menus and dialogs and it's based on the language you selected when you first downloaded Google Chrome.

In Windows, follow these steps to change this setting:

Step 1: Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.

Step 2: Select Settings.

Step 3: Click Show advanced settings and go to the "Languages" section.

Step 4: Click Language and input settings to open the "Languages" dialog.

Step 5: Select the language you'd like to use from the list. If the language isn't listed, first add it as one of your preferred webpage languages by clicking Add. Eg. Bengali

Step 6: On the right panel, click Display Google Chrome in this language.

Step 7: Restart the browser to apply the changes.

Mac currently determines the browser interface language by the Language & Text setting in System Preferences. To learn how to update your system language, visit Apple Computer’s Support.

Linux, check your system language support.


For Windows 2000/Xp/2003:

Step 1: Install ‘i-complex’

Just download and install “I-COMPLEX” in your computer. Click here to Download i-complex for installing Bangla Support of Windows Xp (Windows Vista,7,8 installs this by default) in your computer.

After downloading is completed, run the software and click on “Install Complex Scripts” button. It will be installed and you might need to restart the computer.

If “i-complex” is already installed in Windows PC, ALL DONE!

Step 2: add bangla fonts to your system:

  • Download SolaimanLipi from here now!
  • Go to "C:\windows\fonts" or "control panel\fonts"
  • Paste the font
  • Done